Reveal Truth Mission 

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Dr. John Kirvin is the founder and speaker of Reveal Truth Mission. Dr. Kirvin is a  devoted Christian; and he is married to Dr. Pauline Kirvin. 

For many years, Dr. John Kirvin has served the church and the community in various capacities. He is a people-person; and enjoys motivating and inspiring others to have a closer walk with Jesus Christ. Dr. Kirvin has been preaching the Everlasting Gospel for almost two decades. Countless persons have given their lives to Jesus Christ, as a result of Dr. Kirvin's ministry.  Dr. Kirvin uses great illustrations and analogies to bring the Word of God alive. He has served the church and the community in several capacities:

  •  Volunteer Prison Chaplain ;
  • Church First Elder;
  •  Personal Ministries Director;
  • Jail Ministry Founder;
  • Jail Ministry Co-ordinator;
  • Church Service Co-ordinator;
  • Youth Boot Camp  Minister;
  • Community Outreach Co-ordinator  

Dr. Kirvin  has been involved in church planting; community programs; jail ministry and various soul-wining activities for  about two decades. Dr. Kirvin has been a Health seminar presenter; nutritional consultant; and fitness specialist, for over decade.